domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Shit Happens...and Rolls Downhill

As we all know, shit rolls downhill. This shows how the process takes place in a professional services firm.

At the top of the hill is the Client. Generally, the Client, in one way or another, generates the shit.

The shit first reaches the Partner. But Partners are very adept at smelling the shit coming, and say, “I’m a Partner, I don’t have to take this shit.” And so the shit rolls on by.

Now the shit reaches the Senior Manager. It’s picking up some speed by now, and the Senior Manager gets splashed. “Phew, this shit stinks,” says the senior Manager, “better pass it down.”

So the shit washes over the Manager, and he gets well dipped in shit. But by this time, the shit has a lot of momentum, and it keeps rolling down.

And so the shit lands on the Consultant. And the Consultant gets covered in it, and spends the entire engagement swimming in it.

The Analysts are shielded from the shit by the Crest of Ignorance, which keeps shit from rolling down on them, and ensures that the Consultant remains submerged.

Meanwhile, however, the Analysts discover more shit as they proceed with the engagement. Not sure what to do with it, they conceal it in the Cave of Unreported Exceptions.

After a while, the gave gets filled with shit and it starts to ferment. Then the Consultant begins to smell hidden shit, and wonders “Dammit, now who’s been hiding this shit?” So, next time you’re on an engagement, and you wonder why your life seems like shit, just refer to the diagram.

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